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What is a Performance Bed Liner?

Performance Bed Liners are high performance coating systems intended for coating truck beds where the discerning truck owner desires an optimal balance of appearance and functionality.

Can you spray Clearliner™?

No, this performance liner has been created and formulated for roll-on application.

What colors are offered?

Clearliner™ colors are black, dark grey, and clear, and an exclusive silver metallic texture.

Does Clearliner™ offer color match liners?

Clearliner™ offers a translucent clear coating which will provide a true and instantaneous color match, thus eliminating the need to attempt color matching.

How do I get texture?

Included in every kit is a cartridge of silver metallic texture which offers a unique and stunning texture to any of the liner colors.

Will Clearliner™ fade or turn chalky?

ClearLiner™ is formulated with 100% aliphatic materials and therefore is UV stable.  Therefore, while all coatings do fade at varying rates over long periods of time, ClearLiner™ will be color stable and not turn chalky.

Do I need a paint booth for installation?

ClearLiner™ is a high performance coating system consisting of a brush/roll first coat application with an ultra low pressure texture finish that does not require a paint or spray booth.  It may be applied outside or inside but site control is required.

What is the Best Deck Sealer?

The Best Deck Sealer is one that you have applied every 5+ years. SureWood Systems™ is a 100% solids material, so once your deck is covered there is no need to re-seal your wood deck every year to maintain it's appearance. Although SureWood Systems™ is not a deck sealer, it is 'the Best Deck Sealer'.

What if I Have Applied Wood Deck Treatments?

Our technicians will come to your home and perform an adhesion test on your deck. We have developed primers that will ensure proper application and durability to wood deck treatments.

What Type of Wood Deck Repairs can SureWood Systems™ Handle?

SureWood Systems™ is not right for all wood deck repairs. The wood on the deck must be structurally sound before applying SureWood Systems™. Our representative will assess the condition of the wood deck to determine if boards need to be replaced before applying SureWood Systems™.

What is poison wood, or CCA wood?

Poison wood or CCA wood is also known as pressure treated wood. The wood is injected with vast amounts of poisonous compounds to preserve the wood and kill insects. Pressure treated wood contains a preservative known as chromated copper arsenate, or CCA. This contains approximately 22% arsenic, a known carcinogen (cancer-producing substance).

CCA wood can be found in about 50 million homes across America, plus in many public areas such as parks and school playgrounds. The Environmental Working Group in Washington, D.C. estimates that a 40 pound child who plays daily on CCA wood could be exposed to more than five times the arsenic allowed under EPA’s drinking water standard. One study suggested that in less than two weeks, an average five year old playing on a CCA playset would exceed the acceptable lifetime cancer risk, under federal pesticide law. CCA is linked with bladder, lung, and kidney cancer, along with nerve damage, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and decreased red blood cells.

Can SureWood Deck Restoration prevent exposure to poison wood or CCA wood?

SureWood SystemsTM is currently being evaluated to determine its ability to encapsulate the CCA wood and thus prevent “leaching” of the arsenic. CMT is finalizing the arsenic encapsulation testing process and is very optimistic that the coating system will perform well.

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