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Deck Renewal

Non-Shrinking State of the Art Technology

DeckSureWood Systems™ coating fills in the cracks and checks. This protects your current deck boards from further cracking and splintering. As you see below, the durable deck coating fills the cracks, eliminates slivers and splinters, and creates a fresh finish to your deck. Are you thinking of replacing your wood deck and replacing with composite decking? Compare our wood deck restore system to composite deck material or building a new pressure-treated wood deck.

SureWood Systems™ fills all the cracks and provides a uniform top coat to the old wood. SureWood Systems™ is elastomeric, so it shrinks and stretches with the wood when it is exposed to seasonal changes, aging, and environmental exposure. You never have to worry that your deck finish will crack or split due to normal use or aging!

SureWood Systems™ is safe. It does not contain solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC's). This provides an environmentally friendly solution to a persistent problem faced by homeowners.

With SureWood Systems™ you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals around children and pets! Safe enough for babies and toddlers to play, and no worries about slivers and splinters!

SureWood Systems™ is attractive, maintenance free, and protects your existing deck. It prolongs the life of the deck, and allows you to have more free time. No more yearly staining and sealing projects. The beautiful finish will last years, and will only require simple cleaning.

SureWood Systems™ Saves you thousands of dollars compared to other replacement options with the SureWood Systems™ Original Deck Restoration. You can expect to pay 50% or less to have SureWood Systems™ installed compared to a new wood deck. Composite deck materials are even more costly than the cost of a wood deck.

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